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I often had an issue with bsplayer, where on trying to resize the window position, the entire video window would suddenly disappear. No amount of fiddling with various video options in bsplayer would bring it back.

Solution: Delete all bsplayer options to default:

Access this location in Explorer:

And delete the file BSplayer.xml in that folder. Restart bsplayer, and voila! Your settings have reverted to default, and the video window is visible.

I recently ran into an issue where Windows 8 would refuse to boot and falter with Recovery options. It did give  helpful message stating that the issue was related to ewusbnet.sys. A trace showed that it was related to Huawei USB drivers installed as part of the drivers for my E1732 Huawei 3G modem.

Solution: Delete the file ewusbnet.sys from %WINDIR%/Drivers

You can boot into Linux, cd to the folder corresponding to  %WINDIR% and exec the following:

find . -iname ewusbnet.sys

Once the file(s) are found, rm and reboot.

Voila, Windows 8 boots again!