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When your Brother printer complaints with a “Replace Toner”, more often than not, the cartridge isn’t really empty, and can still yield hundreds of pages. The only real symptom of a low or empty toner is the low resolution images that the printer outputs. So in this case, the printer can be made to work with the same toner.

The embedded video guides you through resetting the toner for a Brother DCP 7060D (TN 2260, TN 2280, TN 2010, TN 2220).

Original Video at Youtube

Original Link
Credits: Refreshcartridges.co.uk youtube channel

Visit the Linux driver(.deb) download page for Brother DCP-7060D.
Download the “Driver Install Tool”
Run the following:

gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1.gz
sudo su 
bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1

Now you will asked: “Input model name ->”
Type: DCP-7060D
and type Y to all the prompts until you reach this question:
“Will you specify the DeviceURI ?”
Here, specify No if you have the printer connected to USB (7060D has no direct network support).

After installation continues, try to print a test page. It didnt succeed for me and I found that Linux was “waiting for the printer to respond”.

At this point, I opened “Printers” from Unity, deleted the printer that was automatically installed, and clicked on “Add new printer”, and chose the entry corresponding to DCP-7060D. Now the test page worked.

For some odd reason, on my new Ubuntu 14.04 installation, www.brother.com could not be resolved by the installation script (wget timeout). I had to manually add the following line to /etc/hosts: www.brother.com

Installing Scanner drivers:
Download the scanner DEBs from the download page

dpkg -i --force-all brscan4-0.4.3-2.amd64.deb 
dpkg -i --force-all brscan-skey-0.2.4-1.amd64.deb
dpkg -i --force-all brother-udev-rule-type1-1.0.0-1.all.deb

After installation, CUPS can be managed from http://localhost:631/printers

Manufacturer instructions for installation:
Login as a superuser ( or use “sudo” option if it is required )

Check if pre-required procedures are completed
For Debian/Ubuntu 64 bit
For Ubuntu8.04 or greater

Download drivers
Download LPR driver and cupswrapper driver.

Install LPR driver and cupswrapper driver
Turn on the printer and connect the USB cable.
Open the terminal and go to the directory where the drivers are.
Install LPR driver.The install process may take some time. Please wait until it is complete.
Command (for dpkg) : dpkg -i –force-all (lpr-drivername)

Install cupswrapper driver.The install process may take some time. Please wait until it is complete.
Command (for dpkg) : dpkg -i –force-all (cupswrapper-drivername)

Check if the LPR driver and cupswrapper driver are installed
Command (for dpkg) : dpkg -l | grep Brother

Depending on the connection type you are using (USB or Network), follow one of the steps below.

(for USB Connection)
Open a web browser and go to “http://localhost:631/printers”.
Check if the Device URI of your printer is “usb://Brother/(your printer’s model name)”

If the device URI is different from the example above, please go to “Modify Printer” of your printer to select proper device and driver.
If your printer is not listed on “http://localhost:631/printers”, please go to “http://localhost:631/admin” and click “Add printer” and select proper device and driver.

(for Network Connection)

Open a web browser and go to “http://localhost:631/printers”.
Click “Modify Printer” and set following parameters.
– “LPD/LPR Host or Printer” or “AppSocket/HP JetDirect” for Device
– lpd://(Your printer’s IP address)/binary_p1 for Device URI
– Brother for Make/Manufacturer Selection
– Your printer’s name for Model/Driver Selection
Try a test print
Open a text editor, write something and select “print” from the menu.