This is not a post to encourage piracy, but for users who cant rely on streamed videos, and need to schedule an offline session.

O’Reilly often hosts events, and then sends links to recorded videos. These may be watched but not normally downloaded. This post tells you how to get an offline copy of the video. These are technical details, but do enquire with O’Reilly in advance whether you are legally in the right to do so. I will not be held responsible for disclosing information that is already publically available elsewhere.

Steps to download a recorded session.

  1. Check the O’Reilly email and get the link to watch the recorded Video
  2. While watching the video, open Developer Tools Ctrl+Shift+I in Linux
  3. Click on Network > Media
  4. Refresh the page. You will be able to see a .mpd file. Click on it, and copy the link.
Developer tools

  1. On your terminal, enter the following command:
youtube-dl -f 0