I had bought a 23.5″ Samsung curved monitor three months ago. It had been subjected to the utmost care, and the monitor remained on the computer table and was not moved from its location at any point in time. In January, black areas were noted on the screen, which made the monitor unusable. I must confess that having never used curved LCD monitors before, I had been wary of buying one from Samsung India. The black patches extended over the entire screen rendering the monitor unusable.

On 06/02/20, a service request was placed on Samsung website. Two days later a technician visited and “inspected” the product. His detailed inspection involved peering curiously at the monitor, calling his head honchos, and taking detailed photographs. He did not have a screwdriver or other tools. He did not touch my monitor at any point of time. He curtly informed me that the product was subject to physical damage and could not be repaired under warranty, and that if I needed to repair it, I should pay the full amount.

On 14-02-2020, a legal notice was sent to Samsung India giving them a notice period of 10 days before filing a Consumer Case, and giving them opportunity to repair my product free of cost as it was in warranty. However even though I received a few calls from Samsung, it was only to argue that my product was not covered under manufacturer warranty as it had physical damage. They were unwilling to accept my contention that it could not have physical damage as it didnt have any kind of scratch, graze or crack on it.

Online forums are filled with similiar reports of thermal damage happening to Samsung Monitors without any kind of physical damage. However Samsung is not only willing to accept that their product has a defect, but also consciously violates the Consumer rules of India, which state that a product in warranty has to be serviced free of cost.

I have filed a Consumer Case in the National Grievance Redressal forum, and am waiting for being summoned to provide facts.