Imagine that you are faced with the following task. You have printed out around 700 pages but have forgotten to number the pages! How can you print page numbers for the pages you have already printed? I recently faced this task.

1. Create a word document with blank pages (700 in number)

For this, I created a VB macro with the following code:

Sub InsertPage()
    For i = 1 To 783
    Next i        
End Sub

Next, I created a PDF file by printing to a PDF printer (I used PDF Factory).

To actually insert the page numbers in this document, I used a nifty tool called A-PDF Number Pro. You can download it here.

Open A-PDF Number Pro, and type the following for Format:

Page {p:0}

Choose the desired font size.
Now click on “Numbering and save as”. choose a file name.

You have created a new file with page numbers. Just print it out, and you have what you wanted.