First make sure your PC is awake during that period. Else you’d have to change the option in Task Scheduler to switch on the computer at the time.

1. Add the required files as a queue in Internet Download Manager and change its schedule to 2-5am.
2. To make sure the computer doesnt download Windows updates other than during happy hours, schedule the following:

#Stop Background intelligent transfer service.
NET STOP "wuauserv" 
#Disable the service 
sc config wuauserv start=disabled
netsh wlan disconnect

The above should be started or 5 am or any time if missed. The last line disconnects from Wifi.

Next schedule the following to start at 2am:

netsh wlan connect name="hermes"

Change hermes to whatever is the name of your Wifi (Jiofi/hotspot) device.


#The service must be enabled before it can be started
sc config wuauserv start=auto
#Start the service
NET START "wuauserv" 
#If this doesnt work, enable BITS

Each block of code should be saved in a batch file, and that batch file should be scheduled to start at the appropriate time.

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