I’d like to talk about a nifty little utility that helps to combine multiple pdf files into one big file. Of course this is available in Adobe Acrobat Professional, but that’s a heavy weight and expensive software. If you’re good with Linux, you can try your luck with pdftk or ghostpdf. However those command line utilities require a good amount of technical knowhow and have a learning curve. If you use Windows, this small utility from A-PDF might just be your cuppa.

A-PDF Merger can be downloaded from A-PDF site. Once you install it, open it to get the following screen:


Just drag all the required files and rearrange the order as you see fit. Once you click merge, the files are merged, and you get confirmation whether to open the output file. A-PDF Merger gives you a host of advanced options including a renumbering option and a bookmark addition for each file. A TOC option would have been a great addition. Maybe the authors will add it later.

Download A-PDF Merger and give it a try.