Reference Manager tools are applications used by research scholars all over the world to help automate the extremely tiresome job of managing citations for their thesis work. Mendeley is a popular reference manager designed by Elsevier, the medical publisher giant. It is easy to work with and versatile.

A variant of Vancouver citation style which uses superscript, is used by the National Board of Examinations for their DNB course thesis work. When I started working on my thesis, I found that my seniors had no clue that citation management was supposed to be painless and automated. I can’t imagine how they went through managing edits to about a hundred citations manually. One insertion in between and you’d have to do all your work again. Not to mention the obvious human errors that come from trying to create a citation on your own. That’s a job the computers do extremely well, so best to leave that to them.

First install Mendeley Desktop, and make sure the Word plugin works.
Open Mendeley.
Under View > Citation Styles>More styles

>Download style:
and click on Download, and then Done.

It will ask for a name. Enter “Vancouver-Superscript”.

I created this citation style based on a modification of the standard Vancouver style, to conform to the requirements of the DNB examinations prescribed by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). You may freely use it. If it helped you, let me know by a comment, tweet or a facebook post.