A-PDF is an excellent software, extremely useful to rename multiple pdf files. Imagine a scenario where you have a lot of pdf files which are named incorrectly and you would like to assign them file names based on their actual title, which is available in the pdf file. It so happens that I’ve got some medical ebooks lying around which have titles within them, but the file names have no relation to the title within. Therein, A-PDF comes to the rescue.

My primary OS is Ubuntu 16.05, and though A-PDF is available officially only for Windows, A-PDF easily runs under Wine application layer in Linux. The following steps detail how to install and run it in Ubuntu.

First, download the latest A-PDF version from the manufacturer. Note that it is available as a shareware which needs to be purchased if you wish to use it beyond 15 days of trial period.

Unzip a-pdf-rn.zip.

Right click the extracted file, a-pdf-rn.exe, and choose “Open with > Wine windows program loader”.

From the standard Windows installation package which opens, choose a location to install it. Once installed, you get a shortcut on your desktop. Double click it to get started.

In the main program window, drag pdf files from a folder.







In my example, my files are named x001.pdf, x002.pdf etc.

In the main A-PDF window, it displays metadata about the file. You can see the title.









I enter the following in the Rename Filename as box: %Title%.pdf

Choose “Preview and Rename”. Now the program will batch execute renaming. You can view the results as a summary.


Alternative Command line script to rename pdfs by their title
If renaming pdfs by title is all you require, you may use the script I wrote, to suit you. It takes arguments as individual filenames and directories, and renames pdfs, giving them the title.pdf filenames. Clone the git project located here, and use the script named renpdf.