You’ve probably noted that sometimes multiple copies of a Wireless profile get saved in Windows. Eg: If you have a network named “joshua”, and connect to it after changing a few settings, Windows saves it as “joshua 2”. Sometimes this may get a bit annoying. The following post shows you how to delete such spurious entries.

Open the Windows Command line by typing cmd in the Start metro panel.
Now type the following to list all saved profiles:

netsh wlan show profiles
C:\Users\Someone>netsh wlan show profiles

Profiles on interface WiFi:

Group policy profiles (read only)

User profiles
    All User Profile     : gabriel
    All User Profile     : lourdes library
    All User Profile     : Lourde WIFI_Internet
    All User Profile     : Idea spot
    All User Profile     : Jabong
    All User Profile     : ap

Now to delete the profile Jabong, type:

netsh wlan delete profile "Jabong"