Shared server/VPS with the following installed:
A webserver with php installed

Set up YOURLS url shortening service on your domain.
I’ve added the domain to i-mscp to create a web hosting directory

ssh to the shell

cd /var/www/virtual/
rm -rf ./*
git clone
mv YOURLS/* ./
rm -rf YOURLS
cp user/config-sample.php user/config.php

Login to phpmyadmin and create a new database named yourlsdb.
Under Privileges tab, create a new user, name it yoursusr
Generate a secure password like this: CSne6cK2Glm98*HZ8Ka8kLH^B8Q*[email protected]&Cc^95gMY#6Bhd
Tick the box to Grant all privileges on ‘yourlsdb’ to yoursusr

Now edit the config file, and add database details:

emacs user/config.php

Visit and generate a cookie key and update it in this same file.

Add appopriate passwords at this block:

$yourls_user_passwords = array(
        'username' => 'password',

Now point the browser to and click on ‘INSTALL YOURLS’.