Update: It seems that Linode was scamming not only new customers, but people who referred others by promoting Linode. I was contacted recently by them, and told that they’ve cancelled all my earned referral points after earning from customers who’ve used their service. The reason quoted is that somehow I’ve abused their referral system. In my opinion, this amounts to a scam by Linode.

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Linode, one of the household names in the VPS business has recently started catering to the lowend market by trying to attract customers with special offers. Perhaps because Digital Ocean has started

eating into their business share, Linode has started providing free credits for new customers.

Linode’s latest offer provides you with $50 of account credits when you signup to Linode using a referral link and use a promotion code.

Steps to get $50 free credits:

  1. Visit Linode.com and signup for a new account
  2. Enter your new username and email and click on Create Account
  3. At the next screen, enter your address and other details, and your credit card details.
  4. At the Referral code box, type: 368e6e7534bc15c361842ae1244b9c7f185ebedc
  5. Complete the form by adding $5 by paying with your credit card.

Immediately after signing up, you will receive $50 account credits.

Don’t forget to use the referral code while signing up, to avail the $50 account credits. It will help me as well.