Disable Recycle Bin in Pydio

Edit /var/www/conf/bootstrap_repositories.php and change the value for three instances of “RECYCLE_BIN” to an empty string:

i.e. Change:

 #grep -in 'RECYCLE_BIN' /var/www/conf/bootstrap_repositories.php
38:        "RECYCLE_BIN"        =>      'recycle_bin',
76:        "RECYCLE_BIN"        =>      'recycle_bin',
134:        "RECYCLE_BIN"       =>      'recycle_bin',


#grep -in 'RECYCLE_BIN' /var/www/conf/bootstrap_repositories.php
38:        "RECYCLE_BIN"        =>      '',
76:        "RECYCLE_BIN"        =>      '',
134:        "RECYCLE_BIN"       =>      '',

The changes are effectively immediately after logging off.

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