I found that upgrading to Genesis 2.0.0 broke one of my sites. One of the sites wasnt affected, while another was. I tried removing the version of the genesis/ folder inside studiopress after the upgrade was downloaded, and then copying over the new genesis/ folder into studiopress/


rm -rf themes/studiopress/genesis
mv themes/genesis themes/studiopress/

Here, themes/genesis was the newly downloaded version.
That still broke the site. The only way out was to do the following.

Retaining 1.9.2, Clck on “Upgrade now”
When you get prompted for “Click here to complete the upgrade”, instead of proceeding, go to the shell and do the following:

cp -a themes/genesis themes/studiopress/

In effect, overwriting the old one, retaining the main copy in themes.

Edit: Something was amiss with the old studiopress vs the new one. Activating studiopress still broke my site. Finally I had to activate another studiopress theme. I’ll have to get to the root of this later.