Install the package transcode:

apt-get install transcode

Now split the video file:

avisplit -s 30 -i filename.avi -o filenamepre

splits the file into 30 MB blocks, each name is of the form filenamepre-00x.avi

In some cases, the package transcode has to be replaced by transcode-utils.

The split video file can be rejoined in Windows with VirtualDub.
IN Virtual Dub, choose ‘Open video file’ and choose the first segment, say filenamepre-000.avi.
Then, choose ‘Append AVI segment’, and select filenamepre-001.avi, ticking the option to ‘Autodetect additional segments by filename’. Virtualdub will add the other segments in proper order.
In the Video menu, select ‘Direct stream copy’
Now, choose ‘Save as AVI’, choosing the oroginal unsplit avi’s name.