I don’t like a monitoring solution which requires to be installed on all servers, to get their status. I believe that the good old ping is sufficient to monitor a cluster of servers for any downtime. Sure, the process could be automated, and a cron setup. But still, the data provided by it is still ugly.

I decided to write a script using PHP, perl, css3 and using good old cron, to schedule a monitoring service that watches servers, pings their ip at regular customizable intervals, and show status in a pretty interface. The finished script is also capable of mailing the user about the status.

So, here you go..Geekping is still in beta, at 0.2.0 as of this post. You can view a live demo at http://pinger.droidzone.in/. You will not be able to add your own servers yet. But depending on whether I start this as a service, or release the code, you will be able to monitor your servers soon.