Install Keepass2 on Kubuntu 13.04

Install mono:

sudo apt-get install mono-complete -y

Download the zip version of Keepass2. Note it contains .exe file.

Extract it to ~/Keepass

unzip -d ~/Keepass

Create a directory ~/Keepass/plugins

mkdir ~/Keepass/plugins

Download the two main plugins for Keepass:

KeePassRPC.plgx is available locally once Keefox for Firefox is installed. Mine was at [email protected]nson/deps
The location is suggested by Firefox itself on restarting it after installing Keefox.

Copy it to ~/Keepass/plugins

cp [email protected]ris.tomlinson/deps/KeePassRPC.plgx ~/Keepass/plugins/

KeepassHttp.pglx is available at

Copy it to ~/Keepass/plugins

mv KeePassHttp.plgx ~/Keepass/plugins/

Now, run Keepass by running:

/usr/bin/mono ~/Keepass/KeePass.exe

For ease of use, create a shortcut in K Menu and add this command there.

It will compile the two plugins and start up. You need to install Chromipass and Keefox for Browser integration

For Autotype:

SystemSettings>Shortcuts and Gestures>Custom Shortcuts>New Global Shortcut

Command: /usr/bin/mono ~/Keepass/KeePass.exe

Key: Win+A


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