There was a time when I was developing Android roms, I longed to have my own VPS. Those initial two to three years found me hosting all my work and my personal sites on c0urier’s personal server. Make no mistake, I am extremely greateful to him and his company Kazi networks for providing free use of their space for my roms. But there comes a time when just having ftp space becomes unwieldy, especially when you have to move around huge files and need to write php scripts to make your site more interactive.

After nearly a year of languishing in the darkness, I found Low end box, better known in hosting circles as LEB. LEB is a site build on WordPress, dedicated to low end VPS hosting services. Their motto is to popularize VPS hosting solutions under $7 a month. A most just and exemplary concept. It gets tens of hundreds of VPS offers a month, and subscribers (free) of course get to see offers from a lot of mainstream VPS providers, all of which are below the $7 a month range.

I myself have gobbled up decent boxes from LEB. My most popular boxes are from MyRSK, Servermania, and Wills hosting. All three of these providers provide fairly decent boxes.

My MyRSK box provides 2GB RAM, 200GB HDD space, 100Mbit port and 1 ip at $7 a month. Servermania’s offering was a 1GB RAM + 1GB Vswap with 75 GB disk space, 100Mbit port. My present favorite box is a 512 MB RAM + 512 MB Vswap, 60GB hard disk space and 1Gbit port from Will’s hosting. I used to heavily use XDA and Goo build servers for hosting, but though they’re good for hosting, they had limitations. The XDA SSH buildbot had and still has issues with menuconfig.