If you’re running Genesis themes on your blog, you may have noticed an odd issue where the Dashboard notifies you of a new Genesis theme update available, but when you install it, it seems like the theme installs fine, but then th update notification doesnt go away.

This is because the new update gets installed to the WordPress theme folder, instead of instead the studiopress folder. In effect, if you care to look at the theme folder, you will see two genesis folders, one in the main themes folder, and another within the studiopress subfolder of the genesis folder


First delete the genesis subfolder in the studiopress folder under themes.

Now, move the new genesis folder under the main themes folder, into the studiopress subfolder.

Now, if you reload your dash, you will see that the update notice has disappeared, and the Genesis theme settings now shows the new version number.

I’ve noticed that on a Multisite install, the Network admin dashboard may fail to load after you do this. In such a case, just copy the same genesis folder back to the main themes folder.