Update: This is the easiest way to enable Mass storage mode on the Note 2. You don’t need to install any third party apps. It also works on Jellybean 4.1.2 and later, as this re-enables the officially withdrawn USB Storage mode support by reversing the process by which Google had disabled it.

So, maybe you’ve noticed that your sweet beast of a phone no longer supports USB Mass storage mode (you know how you used to be able to access the whole sdcard on your PC while your phone was connected via cable). It’s a change that Google has mandated for newer Android versions. On Windows, you now have the MTP mode where you get partial access to both internal and external sd cards, however it’s a far limited option than Mass storage mode. On Linux, the situation is awful. You dont have access to anything.

Fret not! It’s easy to switch back to USB Mass storage mode. It’s as easy as tapping on a widget on your home screen. You just need to prepare your phone first.

You need to be rooted. You can either run the script as a widget shortcut, or can run the script by typing its name in a Terminal emulator on the phone.

Create the following script on your PC and name it mtpstorage:

echo "" > /sys/devices/platform/s3c-usbgadget/gadget/lun0/file
setprop persist.sys.usb.config mtp,adb

Create another file and name it usbstorage:

setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage,adb
echo /dev/block/vold/179:17 > /sys/devices/platform/s3c-usbgadget/gadget/lun0/file

When the second script  (usbstorage) runs, it allows mounting your sdcard on your PC as a mass storage device. The first script reverses the change, and makes MTP mode active again.

Download the scripts:
[download id=”0″]
[download id=”0″]

And run:

adb push usbstorage /sdcard/
adb push mtpstorage /sdcard/
mount -o rw,remount /system
cp /sdcard/usbstorage /system/xbin/
cp /sdcard/mtpstorage /system/xbin/
chmod 755 /system/xbin/usbstorage /system/xbin/mtpstorage

To get the ease of using a widget, install SManager from the Market.

Now, transfer the two scripts to a location on your phone. I used /system/scripts.

Now in SManager, choose the two files, one at a time. Click on the Skull and Bones icon to select Root mode (su mode). Now, choose to “Save”.


Once done, you can now view the two scripts under the Menu>Scripts window.


You’re all set. You can now drop widgets onto the Home screen to do this easily. For this, just long press your Homescreen, Swipe to select widgets and Choose SM Widget:



Drag to your homescreen.

Now, when you need USB Storage mode, simply tap on the “USB Storage” icon, and your sdcard will immediately show up in Windows Explorer or the Linux device notifier. When you’re done, tap the “MTP mode” shortcut.


Credits for technique:

d4fseeker‘s post on XDA


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    mind checking the script again..  🙂   thanks

  2. my windows explorer would show removable storage but it seems it is unable to detect the internal and external storage..

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