Installing Firefox in Debian or Ubuntu with apt-get

Debian by default comes with Iceweasel which is “based on firefox”, but not quite the same as installing the original Firefox.

To install Firefox, do the following:

Add a package source to apt:

sudo emacs /etc/apt/sources.list.d/firefox.list

Now add the following line to this file:

deb debian import[/code]
Now, add the key for this source:
sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver 3EE67F3D0FF405B2

Now update your sources and install as usual:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox



Joel G Mathew

Joel G Mathew, known in tech circles by the pseudonym Droidzone, is an Android and Linux enthusiast. His favorite pastime is grappling with GNU compilers, discovering newer Linux secrets, writing scripts, hacking roms, and programs (nothing illegal), reading, blogging. and testing out the latest gadgets. When away from the tech world, Joel is a practising ENT Surgeon.

1 Reply to “Installing Firefox in Debian or Ubuntu with apt-get”

  1. Dear Droidzone,
    Thanks a lot. I had been struggling to install plugins in firefox (the original 64 bit firefox from mozilla) on Debian 6.

    Perhaps you can help me a few questions I have:

    1. I have read that installing Ubuntu packages on a Debian system is not advisable (a binary incompatibility issue about which I am not clear). Does such an issue exist with the firefox from the linuxmint repository as well? Does this installation replace any of the original binaries in the Debian system?

    2. I failed to get the original firefox to recognize the adobe flash plugin. I had copied to the mozilla and firefox plugins directories in /usr/lib64 (later also into ~/.mozilla/plugins and /usr/lib). How does one get the original firefox to recognize the plugins? Perhaps firefox from mozilla looks for plugins in some other place or the plugins installation must be done in some other way.

    3. Are there any pointers for compiling firefox for Debian from the source packages available with Ubuntu or other Debian derivatives? (so that I can avoid the issues in the previous questions)

    With regards,
    Subimal Deb

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