Integrating Shutter screenshot tool with KDE keyboard shortcuts

Integrating Shutter screenshot tool with KDE keyboard shortcuts

Shutter is the best screenshot tool I’ve used on Linux, comparable in features to MWSnap freeware tool in Windows.

I love the ability to capture a selection with the mouse after pressing a key combo

Installing Shutter

Snaptic package manager comes with shutter package list. So just install shutter from there.

Configuring Keyboard Shortcut on KDE

KDE Start>Type in:khotkeys or Input actions

This opens the Input actions applet.

Rt click>New>Global keyboard shortcut>

Title: Shutter selection

Trigger: Ctrl-Shift-A (Hold down the keys you want)


/usr/bin/shutter -s --disable_systray

For Gnome (Ubuntu), do this:
Click on the Cogwheel in the System Menu >

Now, select ‘System Settings > Keyboard > Shorcuts > Custom Shortcuts

Click on the + button, and type:
Name: Select Shutter
Command: /usr/bin/shutter -s –disable_systray

Click Apply
Double Click on the far right coloumn where it says ‘Disabled’, and type your new keyboard shortcut.

Now when you click on Shift-Ctrl-A, you can select a part of the screen.

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