The first thing I like to install is the KDE Network management widget. It is not present in Debian KDE by default.

package: plasma-widget-networkmanagement


Another thing noticed is the odd message “Networking interface unmanaged” instead of setting and displaying a name


sudo kate /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

The file probably contains:

Change false to true and restart Network Management
/etc/init.d/network-manager restart[/code]

12 hour time:

Open KDE Country. region, Language applet: Times & Dates>Time format> Change to pH:MM:SS AMPM  

Other widgets to add:

System tray (Contains volume, USB notifier etc) Task manager (this is the horizontal tab of apps)  

Favorite apps:

Shutter (screenshot manager) Gimp (Image manipulator) mc (file manager) filezilla (ftp client) gparted and parted emacs You can install all these at a go:
sudo apt-get install shutter mc filezilla gimp libx11-dev libxtst-dev emacs

libx11-dev and libxtst-dev are the dependencies of ksuperkey (along with make and build-essential).

Video thumbnails in Dolphin:

Install mplayerthumbs.

sudo apt-get install mplayerthumbs

Now enable previews in Dolphin settings>General>Previews>Video files(mplayerthumbs)

Addon scripts

Ksuperkey (Allows mapping of Win (superkey) key to the KDE app launcher, and simultaneously use  shortcuts with the key too. Follow these instructions.