First get the defconfig:

ls -l ./arch/arm/configs[/code] 



cp arch/arm/configs/t0_04_defconfig ./.config[/code] 

Once that's done, execute:

make oldconfig

Now a new .config file is written to kernel root

Now you can execute a make, only to find that it errors out soon. The reason is of course a "-Werror" parameter in the main Makefile, which you can see if you do a:

grep -i -n '-Werror' Makefile[/code] 

So, edit the file in emacs, and remove the -Werror

It didnt still build and gave an error of the compiler not supporting arm

So downloaded the latest NDK android-ndk-r8c


Added the toolchain to $PATH, chose the toolchain, and hey presto! The kernel compiled without any errors! :D :D