sends a username and password for SSH access. Xda build server however does not provide a username and password, but uses SSH keys exclusively.

In Putty->Session:

HostName: [Or the Xda server: (fake hostname)]

Port: 2222 [ 22 for XDA]

Connection type: SSH


Auto-login username: [your username]

Save your Settings under Sessions and exit.


Private Key for Authentication: If you’re using the XDA server, you should now point it to the location of your private key. If using Goo, then you should now create your key pair.

Before using the private key, login with these details to the server. Enter your password when prompted. Once logged in, enter the following at the Bash cmd line:

wget; chmod a+x; ./

Now, follow the prompts to generate a new Public key/Private key pair. These will be stored in the hidden directory ~/.ssh/ as id_goo and

Copy the private key to the root directory:

cp .ssh/id_goo ~/

Now, setup FTP access on Filezilla:


Site Manager/New Site/


Port: [leave blank]

User: [your username]

Password: [your password]


Site Manager/Connect


On connecting, you can view the private key you copied. Copy it to your PC.

Open Puttygen.exe.



Import key>Choose the Openssh key you copied (id_goo)

Save private key>Choose a new .ppk filename

This will be the Putty private key corresponding to your Openssh key.


In Putty/Session:

Load the Setting you saved previously.


Private Key for Authentication: [Choose the .ppk file you generated]

Save the Session settings.

Click Open to start your SSH session on