The file storing the credentials is at ajaxplorer Root/data/plugins/auth.serial/users.ser

Open users.ser in a text editor.

You will see something like:


Note the long string after admin. In the example, it is 56667e63ce1b1b92ceae65048dd5df00d

Change it to known encoded string.


For a test password of ‘qnap2012’, the password will be ‘9d2d363ce1b1b92ceae65048dd5df00d’.

For the password ‘password’, the encoded string is ‘5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99’

Finally the file looks like this:


Now you can login with admin/qnap2012 and reset the password.

Credits for Tip goes to father_mande at this forum.


Other related help regarding Ajaxplorer

Note that the default home folder for each user is created at [AJAXplorerRoot]/data/personal/[USERNAME]/