I found that after installing Memeo software (Backup), I couldnt click on the Explorer menuitem “New Folder” to create a new folder. I had to rightclick and choose the contextual item. I wasnt sure what caused it, until I read up ways on how to fix context menu issues.

The utility you need is called ShellExView

While you’re at it, you should also see the list of free apps by nirsoft, the developers of ShellExView. Most of them are very useful nifty utilities that make your life on Windows much easier.

Once in ShellExView, try seeing if any of the listed items (in pink are the apps which affect Windows system) affect the Context menu. I found that Ruvuma.ContextMenuExt.Contextmenu was actually described as Memeo LifeAgent Explorer Extension affected the “Context Menu” type. I disabled it, and Voila! The context menu started to work after a LogOff!