Download Putty and Puttygen from here

Run Puttygen, generate an SSH key pair:

  1. Run Puttygen
  2. Click generate key
  3. Move mouse randomly over the whitespace area and wait for key generation
  4. Save your private key. You may skip the passphrase if you’re going to use the key in an automated script.
  5. Save your public key
  6. Open the Sourceforge SSH key posting page.
  7. Copy the complete public key from ssh-rsa to [email protected] to clipboard
  8. On the key posting page, go to the end of the line containing your last posted key. Hit enter, paste the copied key.
  9. Click on Update

Run Putty.exe and enter the following details:


Host name:
Connection Type: SSH



Remote Command: create


Auto-login username: user,project

Under Sessions, enter a name and Save session details
Click on Create