One thing I’ve felt while working with the kernel source code was that I couldnt easily figure out how to easily track all my commits like it’s possible at github. Apparently it seems I didnt look far enough.

Today I stumbled across a few gui tools for git: qgit, giggle, git-gui, git-cola

sudo apt-get install qgit giggle git-gui, git-cola[/code]

The image below shows qgit in action

The interface is very intuitive and you can view all commits in a nice tree view, with diffs available at a click. I think I will stick to this! By the way, qgit doesnt seem to allow to start a git interactively.


Next up, Giggle. It's great for viewing diffs, and just rightclicking a diff and creating a patch.


Probably the best one is git-cola. At first you're greeted by a barren window. Once you go to "Visualize current branch", Voila, you're back on your feet!

Quote from StackOverflow:

git cola seems to work well for committing/pushing

gitk seem to work the best for examining history and

giggle is awesome for watching the diffs.