How do I Compress a Whole Linux or UNIX Directory?

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Q. How can I compress a whole directory under Linux / UNIX using a shell prompt?

A. It is very easy to compress a Whole Linux/UNIX directory. It is useful to backup files, email all files, or even to send software you have created to friends. Technically, it is called as a compressed archive. GNU tar command is best for this work. It can be use on remote Linux or UNIX server. It does two things for you:
=> Create the archive
=> Compress the archive

You need to use tar command as follows (syntax of tar command):
tar -zcvf archive-name.tar.gz directory-name

  • -z: Compress archive using gzip program: .tar.gz
  • -j: Compress using bzip2: .tar.bz2
  • -c: Create archive
  • -v: Verbose i.e display progress while creating archive
  • -f: Archive File name

For example, you have directory called /home/jerry/prog and you would like to compress this directory then you can type tar command as follows:

$ tar -zcvf prog-1-jan-2005.tar.gz /home/jerry/prog[/code]

Above command will create an archive file called prog-1-jan-2005.tar.gz in current directory. If you wish to restore your archive then you need to use following command (it will extract all files in current directory):

$ tar -zxvf prog-1-jan-2005.tar.gz[/code]


  • -x: Extract files

If you wish to extract files in particular directory, for example in /tmp then you need to use following command:

$ tar -zxvf prog-1-jan-2005.tar.gz -C /tmp
$ cd /tmp
$ ls -[/code]



I have a directory I need to backup using "tar" and/or "zip".  I need
to exclude a directory from the archive. Backup script running on

Directory to archive: /home/
Directory to exclude: /home/cpanel/

I need the solution for zip and tar.[/code]

zip -r /home -x "/home/cpanel/*"

tar -cf backup.tar /home --exclude "/home/cpanel" or[/code]

tar -cf backup.tar /home --exclude="/home/cpanel"[/code]
If you have a long list of directories to exclude, use:

tar -cf backup.tar /home --exclude={android,blackberry,animated_favicon1.gif,build,build.xml,db,error.jsp,favicon1.ico}[/code]
Or you can have the list of directories in an exclude text file: